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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Authorities have released body camera video of Derrick Scott’s arrest from May 20, 2019.

It was one of the recent demands made by Black Lives Matter.

This happened in the area of SE 44th and High.

Officers say they were responding to reports of a black man arguing with people and showing a gun.

Video showed the moments they approached: “Do you have any weapons on you?” one officer asked. “Go ahead and turn around for me, go ahead and turn around” the officer continued.

That’s when Scott took off running.

Moments later that officer tackles Scott to the ground.

“I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe…I can’t breathe” Scott said repeatedly.

In the video you hear one officer respond “I don’t care.”

That response has raised questions.

“When he said it, I believed him, and that’s problematic because that means that you’re a person who’s not even acknowledging and just fine with saying, literally, when someone says ‘I’m in crisis’ ‘I don’t care'” said the Rev. T. Sheri Dickerson.

“During the heat of a conflict like that, certainly that may be something an officer says. Just understand the officers are fighting with someone at that point,” said Capt. Larry Withrow with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Officers later found that reported loaded gun with Scott.

A medical examiner’s report shows Scott had asthma, and there was meth in his system.

At one point, Scott appears to beg for what looks like an inhaler on the ground next to him.

“I need my medicine, I need my medicine” he said.

Minutes later, Scott seems to be unconscious.

Paramedics soon arrived and worked to get Scott on a stretcher.

“We’re going to stand you up. Don’t fight,” officers said.

Medics performed chest compressions in the ambulance, before Scott was rushed to a hospital where he died.

The medical examiner says multiple factors could’ve played in to Scotts death like a collapsed lung, drugs, asthma and heart disease.

His cause of death was ultimately ruled undetermined.

Police say they believe their officers followed policy.

“I don’t know that there’s any more that they could have done to monitor the suspect or do everything they could to insure his health,” said Withrow.

Leaders with Black Lives Matter say no matter what the circumstances, this shouldn’t have resulted in Scott’s death.

“You’re sworn to protect and serve. I surely hope that they don’t think that even in the heat of the moment, situations makes it permissible or okay in anyway to end up deceased,” said Sheri.

The officers involved were later cleared by the Oklahoma County District Attorney.