OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The pain at the pump started for Karen Cross back in May when she visited a Shell station at the corner of Northwest Expressway and County Line Road in Oklahoma City.

“When I pulled in to get my gas, there was a young man in a pickup truck next to me with a big barrel in the back,” she said.

“He said, ‘I’m using your pump because this one over here is not working’,” she added.

When it was her turn Ms. Cross swiped her credit card, but when she saw a message asking to go inside, she decided not to get the gas after all.

“I left. I didn’t buy any gas whatsoever,” she added.

A month later she was surprised when a credit card bill with two gas charges for nearly two hundred dollars showed up in the mail.

“I thought, my gosh, that guy next to me somewhere or another, my card paid for his gasoline,” she continued.

One of those charges was for diesel fuel, a fuel type Cross said her midsize suv doesn’t.

She said she called the credit card company who said they would launch an investigation.

“They told me to cut up the card that I had that I used there, and they would issue me a new one.”

However, months later, another letter came in the mail saying she’s now responsible for the charges.

“I keep getting letters and statements telling me that that it’s now my responsibility because they have done their investigation,” she continued.

“I’m charged with these two charges and didn’t get any gas at all.”

Ms. Cross is planning to file a consumer complaint with the state’s Attorney General’s Office, and may consider contacting federal regulators and her credit card issuer to dispute the charges.

“I could go ahead and pay it, but it’s just the principle of me paying for somebody else’s gas. I’ll just wait.”

KFOR spoke with the owner of the convenience store at the gas station who said he is a franchise owner of the gas station and does not have control over the payments.

KFOR has also contacted Shell’s corporate office, but has not heard back.