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OKLAHOMA CITY – A mother is still in jail, accused of killing her daughter with a crucifix.

For the victim’s fiance, Frankie Merlos, it’s a nightmare that won’t end.

He is grief-stricken and heartbroken.

“I still can’t wrap my head around it. I feel like it’s just a bad dream and I have to wake up,” he said.

It started when he went to check on his fiance, Geneva Gomez.

Her mother, Juanita Gomez, answered the door.

“She said she is in the room. She said she’s right here,” Merlos said.

What he saw next forever changed him.

Geneva’s dead body on the floor placed in the shape of a cross.

“Laying there motionless, not moving at all. You couldn’t even recognize her face. That’s embedded in my mind forever.”

Investigators said Juanita killed her by beating her and forcing a crucifix down her throat.

“I just can’t believe a mother would do that to her own daughter, and just left her there like it was nothing,” he said.

Merlos tried to get help.

He said Juanita blocked the door and tried to choke him.

He got away and called 911.

“The paramedics are telling me to go do chest compressions, but I can’t see my girl like that. I was just freaking out. I just couldn’t stop shaking,” he said.

Court records show Juanita told police she believed her daughter was possessed by the devil.

But, Frankie said the family wasn’t religious.

He said the two were supposed to get married this week.

Instead, her family is planning her funeral and her mother is in jail charged with first degree murder.

A memorial is planned for 7 p.m. Tuesday at Lake Hefner.