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OKLAHOMA CITY – Police are investigating a deadly auto-pedestrian accident that killed a little girl.

It happened near N.W. 10th and Portland.

She was crossing the street to get to the park.

When paramedics got there, it was too late to save her.

“She had come down after school. She wanted to play with my daughter, and they asked if they could go to the park,” said Nika Hill.

Hill agreed to let her daughter and her 8-year-old friend go to the park across 10th street.

“They wanted to go the park, and I was trying to get my son ready and take them all there myself personally, and they ran out of the house in top speed and I couldn’t catch up with them,” said Aisha Ortiz.

“I heard a bunch of commotion. My nephew came in and told me they got hit by a car,” Hill said.

Paramedics took the teen to the hospital, but the little girl had already died.

“I saw the little girl under the car, and I immediately burst into tears,” Ortiz said.

The driver’s sister tells NewsChannel 4 her brother was driving home from work.

She showed up at the scene and got into a spat with Hill.

“When she started saying my brother should go to jail, I turned to her and said ‘You should. You should not been lettin’ her cross the street behind that 15-year-old boy like that,’” said Rashida Jones.

People at the park waited for hours while police worked the scene.

Neighbors were left in shock and concerned about other kids playing there after such a young life was taken far too soon.

Police are expected to release more information on the identities of the victims Thursday.

The teen is expected to be okay.