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ADAMS, Okla.– An iconic site that greeted visitors to the Oklahoma panhandle is now a pile of rubble on a grassy field.

The old Adams grain elevator was built in 1929, but was officially condemned as it started to lean toward the flat prairie.

“During harvest, I’ve seen trucks lined up the street for a quarter-mile,” Gilbert Mires told News 4 in 2017.

Several years ago, residents started to notice that the old grain elevator was beginning to lean.

“You’d get up in the morning and say, ‘Which direction was the wind blowing last night?'” Corice Mires said. “You’d look down there and find out.”

“It’s hard to figure what’s keeping it up,” Leon Chuesberg said.

While some residents thought the grain elevator would last longer than they would, it seems that it simply wasn’t meant to be.

Stanley Harper, with Black Mesa Images, was able capture the moment the iconic structure burned to the ground.

Harper says that the condition of the elevator had caused it to be slated for demolition, and it was recently burned.