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ROUND ROCK, Texas – A Texas man is facing up to life in prison for his baking habit.

Joe Lavoro said, “It’s outrageous. It’s crazy. I don’t understand it.”

Lavoro says he can’t understand why his son is in so much legal trouble.

Authorities say 19-year-old Jacob Lavoro is accused of making and selling pot brownies.

He is being charged with a first-degree felony.

Lavoro said, “Five years to life? I’m sorry. I’m a law abiding citizen. I’m a conservative. I love my country. I’m a Vietnam veteran, but I’ll be damned. This is wrong.”

Jack Holmes, Lavoro’s attorney, said, “I was outraged. I’ve been doing this 22 years as a lawyer and I’ve got 10 years as a police officer and I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

The charge is so severe because the recipe Jacob used includes hash oil, which allows the state to use the sugar, cocoa, butter and other ingredients to determine the weight of the drugs.

Holmes said, “They’ve weighed baked goods in this case. It ought to be a misdemeanor.”

Lavoro said, “If he did something wrong, he should be punished but to the extent that makes sense. This is illogical. I’m really upset and I’m frightened. I’m frightened for my son.”