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After nearly two weeks of testimony, supporters of Daniel Holtzclaw are breaking their silence.

Testimony on Thursday focused largely on detective Rocky Gregory, a lead investigator in the case.

State attorneys showed jurors several pieces of evidence, showing Holtzclaw was in fact the officer who arrested an alleged victim, following a drug overdose.

Evidence was also presented reportedly showing Holtzclaw was present at the hospital the night an alleged assault took place.

Defense attorney Scott Adams focused largely on a Facebook conversation between Holtzclaw and his accuser.

While state attorneys maintain it was Holtzclaw that added his alleged victim as a friend on social media, the defense pointed out it was the accuser who messaged first.

Adams said, despite the woman being “sexually tortured” by Holtzclaw, she not only messaged first but voluntarily sent her alleged attacker her phone number.

Jurors were shown screen shots of the conversation, where the woman is seen requesting that Holtzclaw call her, telling him to “make it ring lol.”

Prosecutors claim she was told Holtzclaw would help her with jail time and an extensive criminal record. The defense maintains Holtzclaw was simply being compassionate and checking in with a member of the community.

For the first time on Thursday, NewsChannel 4 heard from a Holtzclaw supporter.

Cortland Selman, a former college football teammate of Holtzclaw, spoke at length with NewsChannel 4 about a guy he’s always known as ‘The Claw.’

“That’s why I’m here, to represent the Holtzclaw that I know, and that’s a sincere guy that’s passionate about what he does,” Selman said. “I just couldn’t come to terms with that being ‘The Claw’ that I know.”

Selman is an African American medical sales rep from Michigan, who’s watched the trial largely become an issue of race. The 13 accusers in the case are all African American women, while the selected jury is all white.

He said, in all the time he’s known Holtzclaw, racism has never surfaced.

“I’m here as his brother, saying that’s not his personality, that’s not the way he operates,” Selman said. “Claw is, like I said, a caring person.”

Thursday afternoon, a third alleged victim briefly took the stand. Her testimony is expected to continue, on Friday.