OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma City Metro man says his yard’s a mess, and he’s pointing the finger at OG&E. He tells KFOR they cut down a bunch of trees while repairing lines after the recent storms but didn’t clean anything up afterwards.

“I feel overwhelmed,” he told KFOR.

Dozens upon dozens of cut down tree trunks and branches lay at the front of Jim Weaver’s property, spreading out for about a half-block.

He said after February’s severe storms, OG&E came to fix the power lines on his street, SE 123rd Dr. in McLoud, but they had to trim his trees to do so.

Image courtesy of KFOR

“What I did not realize is that, number one, the trimming involved the complete devastation of the whole entire front of my property,” he explained.

And number two…

“I cannot understand why they didn’t pick up the debris after they were finished.”

And at 73-years-old, Weaver said the cleanup would be too much manual labor for him to handle.

“I think it’s extremely unfair that they won’t give me at least some kind of bone, throw me some sort of a bone,” he said.

After sending OG&E photos of the situation, a spokesperson sent the following statement, “We understand the frustration this customer has experienced after storm restoration work was performed on his property. After storms, OG&E’s work includes clearing tree limbs that are interfering with power lines so that service can be safely restored for customers. Our crews are responsible for taking debris to the curb, and from there it’s the property owner’s responsibility to dispose of the debris. From these photos, it appears not all the work done at this property lives up to our standards and we are working on a solution to help this customer.”