After string of life-changing events, hard-working Oklahoma nurse receives good news

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Amy Jameson put her fear of the spotlight aside to show off her new favorite toy.

“Yes, I’ve done that multiple times and just clicked it to look at it. I haven’t played with it too much because I don’t want to break it right away,” Jameson said.

Talk about a game changer.

Out with the old unit, and in with the new Lennox high-efficiency system.

Jameson is getting better rest and worrying less. She’s still getting used to life after breast cancer and suddenly losing her husband to a heart attack.

Her friend and co-worker, Stephanie, alerted the In Your Corner team that Jameson was working two jobs to save up for a new system.

Weeks ago, we surprised Jameson with the big news at her work. She was overwhelmed by the moment but grateful to be the recipient of Terry Shinn and TS Heat and Air’s generosity.

24 hours later, however, Jameson flipped the script on us, insisting the blessing go to another family, worse off than her.

“She calls my office and tells me that she doesn’t deserve this and that she didn’t want it,” Shinn said. “She wanted us to give to someone else, which just made us want to give it to her even more because she’s very, very special and she does deserve it.”

Friend Stephanie was like, “‘No, she didn’t.’ So, I pulled out my phone, and I started texting ‘You better not refuse that.’ And, then, I found out she took it, which is good.”

The new system was installed a week later, along with more upgrades.

Heritage Electric hit a homerun, once again.

Owner Russell Shaver said, “You got to be able to see to get in and out of your car and work with your tools.”

Jameson said her son is absolutely enamored by the new light in the garage.

“He’s probably stayed out there since he’s been home, every time he comes home, he’s out there looking at the light,” she said.

The light is helping drive out the darkness, so the family can carve out a new beginning.

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