OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A metro tenant breathes a sigh of relief, after he says a massive maintenance request fell on deaf ears for months.

Braden Day has been counting the days since moving into the Fairfax apartments last year.

“Not a whole lot of trouble around here, so it seemed great,” he said. “It was right next to work too, so it’s super nice.”

His only problem on move-in day was a small bubble in the corner of his bedroom that leaked with every rainfall.

Braden says management failed to follow through on maintenance requests for months, as the bubble grew ever larger.

“Any time I did have to go into the office – they would let me know they’re waiting on bids to fix the roof,” he said. “Because they need to fix the roof before the ceiling.”

A May rainstorm was the straw that broke the ceiling’s back.

That bubble finally gave way, leading to a massive hole nearly three feet across when we visited.

“I’m getting fired up,” he said in our first story. “But I can’t do anything.”

In Your Corner attempted to speak with management, but the front office door was locked before we could enter.

The complex is owned by Vesta Realty, who’s only owned the property for a few months.

But Braden shared emails with the new management, where he had been asking for help, that date back months.

Vesta responded in our initital story with a statement, saying they were unsure where the communications broke down, but that a fix would be coming soon.

Just two weeks after our story, Braden followed up with News 4. He says management has fixed the hole, and all that’s left is to paint the new spot.

He’s thankful, and hopeful the issues are fully resolved by winter.