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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A controversial wedding photographer returns to In Your Corner. She’s accused of ghosting clients after the big day, and now the Better Business Bureau has put out a warning.

Though the business has largely gone silent, bad reviews on Lindsey Nichole Photography continue to pour in.

The business has been on In Your Corner and the Better Business Bureau’s radar for months.

News 4 first took a look back in March, highlighting three newly wed’s fight for their photos.

In the course of our investigation, Lindsey Nichole Photography’s Google page, riddled with poor reviews, disappeared.

Her studio was closed by the landlord due to unpaid rent. We found a small claims lawsuit taped to the door.

“To me it’s not about the money,” said Kelsey Portillo, who spoke with our team in March. “It’s about her robbing me from those memories that I expected her to take.”

Photo goes with story
Complaints are coming in about Lindsey Nichole Photography. Image KFOR

Kelsey was one of the fortunate ones. Following our story, she told our team she received her photos. Others we spoke with though are still waiting.

Now, new complaints has the Better Business Bureau taking action.

“So when people are laying out thousands of dollars for this photo session and they’re not getting that back, that’s equally hurtful,” said Kitt Letcher, with the Better Business Bureau.

The BBB this month put out a new alert, asking customers who feel slighted by the business to come forward.

“[Customers should] file a complaint, because we are pushing everything to the Attorney General’s office,” Kitt added. “So we want to build as robust a complaint process and case against her as we possibly can.”

Lindsey Nichole Photography’s social media pages have been silent for some time.

The problem though, is more unhappy customers from months back are still coming forward.

A “Victims of Lindsey Nichole Photography” Facebook page has attracted close to 80 followers.

To date, Lindsey has not spoken with News 4 or the BBB, despite several attempts to reach her.

“She’s been completely unresponsive to us,” noted Kitt.

We attempted to reach Lindsey Nichole for this story as well, but no response.

The BBB advises those needing services such as photography to check as many review sites as possible.

They also say consumers should see if a business is properly registered, and in good standing with the state.