CHOCTAW, Okla. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma bride says she has been fighting a local DJ company for a refund after a different DJ showed up to her wedding with a song list she didn’t request and demanded more money.

Brittany Elder read her vows on October 21.

Her sister-in-law, Kristin Girardot told KFOR she handled the scheduling for vendors, including the DJ.

Roderick Pugh was booked in January, according to Girardot. A family member paid Pugh $300 for about five hours of music.

Per a schedule provided to News 4, Pugh was expected to begin setting up at 4 p.m. with a ceremony start time of 5:15 p.m.

The wedding exit was scheduled for 10 p.m., according to the schedule Girardot shared.

Prior to the wedding, Girardot texted Pugh to confirm his services. She also sent the schedule and song list on October 11 to which he confirmed everything on Oct. 18.

Girardot said there were zero indicators of Pugh not showing up to the wedding.

The day of the wedding, Girardot and Elder said a different DJ under Pugh showed up and did not have the correct set list.

A Facebook Live video shows the first half of the wedding party walking down the aisle with no music. Girardot said there was music, however, when Elder walked down the aisle.

Additionally, that DJ showed Girardot the schedule he received which showed an exit time of 8 p.m. instead of 10 p.m.

“The DJ that did show up pretty much forced our hand by saying, ‘I’m either going to have to be paid to be here until 10:00 p.m. and play for you, or I’m going to just leave,'” stated Girardot. “So minutes prior to the wedding, we had no other option than to pay him directly on top of the payment we had already made to the original DJ we contracted.”

Elder said her aunt paid the DJ who showed up $200 on top of the $300 already paid to Pugh.

“It was heartbreaking knowing that, you know, my family was putting out more money than what we originally planned. It was just very heartbreaking,” stated Elder.

Girardot told KFOR she tried explaining the situation to Pugh both over text and via call.

Call logs show Girardot called Pugh a total of three times before the ceremony, but those calls were not answered. Pugh did call her back three times after that with two going unanswered.

“The original DJ doesn’t seem to accept any fault or guilt in the entire ordeal. He actually has blamed it back on me and us for a lack of communication and even at one point said that we were scamming him, but we’re the ones who paid out the money,” stated Girardot.

Although Elder is over the moon ecstatic to be married, she said her wedding day has been tainted because of the issues surrounding music.

Girardot has requested a refund from Pugh over text, but according to screenshots provided to News 4, Pugh consistently rejected it.

“It ain’t my fault that it didn’t go well for you. Miscommunication on your part around the board,” said Pugh to Girardot over text. “You got the nerve to say you want your money back because you paid him after you already paid me. No.. dear, it doesn’t work like that.”

Elder and Girardot told KFOR Wednesday they feel like they have hit a wall on getting a refund back.

News 4 called Pugh Wednesday morning to get his side of the story.

Pugh said he was unable to show up to Elder’s wedding, and that’s why a back up DJ was sent in his place.

Girardot said she was unaware of another DJ taking Pugh’s place until the afternoon of the wedding.

“[The other DJ] has been in and out of training with me. He has not trained that well with my company. I will use him as a backup if I can’t make it,” stated Pugh.

Pugh was adamant about not issuing a refund to the family because he did not authorize his DJ getting paid on the side.

“She made a lot of deals with my DJ instead of me, which now broke our verbal contract,” said Pugh. “No one pays my DJs. No one makes deals with my DJ. They make deals with me.”

Pugh explained he couldn’t take Girardot’s calls because he was in Vegas for another wedding.

“When I had a chance to call right after the ceremony, no one pick up the phone. So I’m saying, ‘Okay, everything is good.’ I had no idea that a lot of chaos was going on at that time,” said Pugh.

News 4 asked Pugh if he doesn’t think it’s appropriate to reimburse the family because of the confusion and miscommunication. He, again, said no. He argued it was miscommunication and didn’t feel the need to reimburse a client over miscommunication.

“Do you understand you’re saying she should have handled it with you? You were in a ceremony and I get it. You can’t be on your phone. You’ve got another gig, so she’s stuck with him. But he is your employee. He works under your company, whether he is a subcontractor or not. He was working as a part of your company. So that’s your responsibility,” said News 4 Reporter, Kaylee Olivas.

“Everybody still had a good time,” replied Pugh.

News 4 reiterated to Pugh the family paid an additional $200 for the music when that wasn’t the agreed upon amont.

Pugh stated he was unaware of the additional $200 and thought the family only paid $85 to his DJ.

“If they gave him $200 then yes, I will give her the money back because that means he lied to me and he lied to them,” said Pugh. “I’m going to reimburse the $200 to her. I can at least do that.”

Both Pugh and Girardot confirmed with KFOR a reimbursement of $200 Wednesday afternoon.