OKLAHOMA (KFOR) – Tough times continue for Oklahoma drivers, as a car part shortage persists in the metro.

Morgan Magelssen hoped her Ford could get her from A to B for many years to come.

“It drove great and that was the only thing we were really looking for,” she explained. “Something that got some decent gas mileage in the city and worked.”

Morgan settled on a used Ford Focus in 2016, saying she was unaware at the time of a recall for the ‘transmission control module’, or TCM.

The problem would pop up two years later.

“It started shuddering really, really bad and lurching – We ended up taking it into the dealership,” Morgan explained. “So they replaced it, sent us on our way and that was supposed to be that.”

Luckily, due to the recall repairs were covered. Morgan simply dropped the car off at a shop, and drove it home a few days later fixed and free of charge.

She’s done this now twice without issue. But when her Focus needed the repair in 2022, Morgan received bad news.

“This time they said, well we don’t have that part,” Morgan said. “It’s on backorder indefinitely.”

It’s a problem that’s persisted across the country since late last year.

Some auto parts remain in short supply, due in part to supply chain issues, covid closures and a chip shortage.

Morgan tells News 4, she’s been told to expect up to a year wait for her part.

“It’s on backorder for about a year. Your vehicle is not drivable. We can’t give you a loner,” she said. “I’m stunned. I’m stunned and shocked. This is really, really difficult.”

We reached out to Ford for more information. A representative responded telling us they would contact Morgan.

She tells our team she’s since heard from Ford, but the conversations have been fruitless so far.

Morgan and her husband are now stuck with one car, and jobs on opposite sides of the metro.

We’ll check back as the story develops.