OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Left stranded after a hit and run, a metro woman turns to In Your Corner for help. But as our investigation began, a local organization reached out with a surprise up its sleeve.

Janie Tuttle was eastbound on Reno, when a driver ran right in her way.

“We had a head on collision,” said Janie. “By the time we got out of the vehicle and all the smoke got out of the vehicle, unfortunately [the driver] had left the scene.”

With her airbags deployed, Janie says her Hyundai was totaled out by insurance. This is the second time her vehicle’s been totaled in less than a year, after a golf-ball sized hailstorm last spring.

Her car is now stuck in a lot, and Janie was left with few options in a red hot used car market.

“I feel like now I’m starting from square one again for sure,” she said.

Janie called In Your Corner, hoping to put out word to find the driver responsible.

The incident happened March 27th near Reno and Martin Luther King Avenue. All Janie knows is it was a silver car involved.

She tells our team she’s lucky the accident wasn’t worse.

“God doesn’t do anything for nothing. You know, he has a purpose,” said Janie. “I promise you something good will come out of it.”

Our interview took place outside a KFOR garage, and little did Janie know, something good was hidden on the other side of the door.

Inside our building, were the Community Auto Repair Pros, a coalition of local auto shops as part of the NAPA Auto Care Program.

“We’ve got a vehicle we’d like to make available to you, since you’re in a situation,” said Mike Bailey, with the group. “So we can help you out here.”

Janie is now the proud owner of a Buick, and back out on the road.

“Buicks are great, so thank you very much,” she said to the coalition. “I wasn’t even expecting it.”

Car Pros will also be helping Janie take care of her tax and title.

As for the hit and run, the investigation continues.

Anyone with information should contact Oklahoma City Police.

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