OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Customers turned to In Your Corner with claims of home improvement projects taking up to three years to complete, despite six to eight month timelines by a local business.

Turns out, the contractor involved has a history with KFOR that dates back nearly two decades.

Serge Fortin had big plans for his home project. He had hoped for new tile in three bedrooms, a totally new master bedroom, a remastered master closet and more.

He took bids on the project in early 2020, finding TruePro Home Solutions out of OKC.

Serge says the company claimed the job would be done in around six months initially. But after two years, and $33,000, the master bedroom and closet don’t appear close to completion.

The only jobs that have been finished to satisfaction are new tile in his kids’ bedrooms.

“[TruePro] was telling me delays were due to COVID constraints and stuff. I said, ‘Okay,’ I can understand COVID,” said Serge. “But COVID has been done now. It’s two years later and I still don’t have a completed job.”

Across the metro in south Logan County, Gary LeGrande’s been waiting for his project even longer.

Gary hired TruePro in the summer of 2019.

His plans included new windows around his home, windows on a soon-to-be-built garage/mancave, and other items.

After nearly three years and $16,000, Gary claims he’s still missing five windows and hasn’t heard from TruPro owner Ralph Gibbons in months.

“Numerous times I’ve contacted him. He’s always promised this and that he never has fulfilled,” he explained. “I mean, he needs to get right.”

TruePro’s problems extend beyond these two jobs. The company touts an F-rating with the BBB, with its accreditation revoked last year.

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In Your Corner

Accusations of poor business practices surrounding Ralph Gibbons date back nearly two decades.

In May 2005, In Your Corner reporter Brad Edwards investigated local company Superior Remodeling & Design, owned by Ralph Gibbons.

A customer claimed the company was taking two-plus years to complete his garage restoration.

When pressed on the matter, Ralph told our team back then it was due to a lack of quality help.

“Well, our primary issue is, we couldn’t find quality subcontractors,” Ralph said.

“Once again, you keep telling them, ‘I’m coming, I’m coming, coming,’ and they never see you,” Brad responded.

Superior Remodeling eventually closed up shop. The state suspended their license for not registering with the tax commission, and for failing to file pertinent tax documents.

In 2022, News 4 stopped by his home and business, but didn’t find Ralph.

Ralph did speak with our team on the phone. He claimed he was in the process of trying to wrap up jobs, but when pressed on why they were taking so long, he said, “I don’t really have a good answer for you.”

But he was also adamant that he would be wrapping up the two jobs in the coming weeks. We can confirm both Gary and Serge have heard from Ralph following our phone call.

Serge tells News 4 he’s been told his project will be complete “sometime in the spring.”

Gary hopes to receive his windows sometime in the next couple weeks.

“Being an old school guy, we used to be able to shake hands and your word was good as a handshake,” said Gary. “Nowadays, you don’t see that anymore.”

We’ll check back.