OKLAHOMA COUNTY (KFOR) – A contractor returns to In Your Corner and returns to the county jail after allegedly failing to follow through on his promises to the state.

When last we met Pam Currie, her first fraud experience was still fresh.

“This is the first time I’ve ever been taken by someone,” she told our team in 2020. “I gave him the money, he took it and cashed it right away pretty much.”

She paid contractor Homer Kyle Black $1,400 in late 2019 for an awning, but claims he took the money and didn’t come back.

Pam was one of two Homer customers we spoke with.

“I met [Homer] Kyle off Facebook marketplace,” said Kevin Williams, who was hoping for a patio cover. “He said, ‘Hey, half down now so I can get the materials ordered.”

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Homer Kyle Black

The patio cover never came. Kevin though did receive a refund, but only after he chased Homer down himself.

Pam hasn’t seen her money since, and attempts at small claims lawsuits got nowhere.

“If I was a violent person, I’d try to find him myself,” she added.

Now, it’s the state who has been seeking out Homer Black.

His luck ran out last year after he was charged with four counts of home repair fraud and one count of a pattern of criminal offenses in Oklahoma County.

Pam Currie’s situation was among the cases that led to charges.

Homer pleaded no contest to the charges, receiving a deferred seven-year sentence, while agreeing to pay $7,125 in restitution.

In April of 2022, though, Pam told News 4 she hasn’t received any of those payments.

Homer Black is now back behind bars, with his sentence being revoked for failing to pay that restitution.

He’s also facing a home repair fraud charge in Washita County. According to online court records, Homer pleaded guilty and again agreed to restitution payments.

Prosecutors in Washita County are now seeking to revoke his suspended sentence due to Homer failing to follow through on his requirements.

While Pam Currie has given up on her awning, she hopes others will learn from her situation.

“Just don’t fall for it,” she said. “Look for him.”