Devon window-washing incident leaves metro man with car repair bill

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Nathan Morin was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He was on his way to work.

“My first thought maybe lawn mowers kicked stuff at my car,” he recalled.

Never in a million years could he have imagined the pandemonium unfolding 50 stories straight above him at that moment.

A pair of window washers swinging wildly and trapped on a swing lift atop the Devon Tower.

The two men were eventually rescued without injury.

When their rig began to swing, it sent the basket smashing into the glass windows at the top of Devon Tower.

The debris busted out more windows on the way down, creating a nightmare for Nathan, and several more drivers.

“Very hard, really hard, loud pow sound,” he said. “Maybe like the size of a golf ball when it hit [and] exploded into a bunch of tiny pieces.”

Devon's President and CEO, Dave Hager, was on the 47th floor.

He said, “[It’s a] great concern about the safety of those people on the lift, as well as potentially anyone who may be impacted by the falling glass."

Nathan's car was impacted. So now who's going to pay for the damage?

Devon Energy's Insurance, "Zurich,” initially said they weren’t responsible because the window washers should have known not to go out in high winds.”

Those window washers belong to Budget Glass Cleaning out of Catoosa.

Nathan says a lady in their office refused to give him the name and number of their insurance.

He told News 4, “When she returned my call, she told me she could not put my claim in, because I had not filed a police report.”

First off, it's a civil matter, and obviously an accident.

Moreover, in most cases, you won't need a police report in order to file a claim with your insurer.

We repeatedly emailed and called Budget Glass Cleaning asking for clarification.

When they wouldn't return our messages, we kindly asked Devon Energy to take another look at Nathan's claim.

They promptly got a hold of him and quickly made arrangements to get his car repaired.

A company spokesperson went onto say, "This simply was a case of miscommunication. Once we learned of it, we reached out and have now resolved the matter to everyone's satisfaction."

Nathan is no longer spinning his wheels.

“I am fortunate, could have been a lot worse.”

He’s pleased with the outcome and has been assured his check to cover the cost of the repairs and a rental car is on the way.

We'll check back.


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