Disabled man left waiting after purchasing much-needed aid online

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TECUMSEH, Okla. (KFOR) — Kevin Smith is hard at work ‘round the clock. His Tecumseh shop is the home of Dag Nab It Woodworks and filled with the sound of power tools day and night.

But Kevin can’t hear any of it, due to Meniere’s disease.

Meniere’s is an inner ear disorder, causing vertigo and hearing loss.

“Most people only get it in one ear, I’m fortunate and got it in both,” quipped Kevin. “There’s no cure for it.”

So when an ad for affordable hearing aids crossed his Facebook, Kevin was all ears.

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“I figured at 135 dollars, and rechargeable, I’ll try it,” he said. “I went ahead and ordered them, and that was like Dec., 10th, something like that.”

But as you’ve probably guessed, the product never arrived.

Communication immediately went cold.

“I still don’t have them, people need to know, watch out,” warned Kevin. “You’ve done taken my money, it’s cleared out of my account, where’s my product?”

This company was originally called “Audix Hearing”. Problem is, there’s already a microphone company with the Audix name, and a trademark.

Officials with the microphone company tell News 4, they’ve issued a cease and desist letter.

Just two days after we reached out to the hearing aid company, the group seemingly vanished. In its place, appeared ‘Xoom Hearing.’

But the websites and Facebook pages, are registered to a Hubbard Holdings LLC out of Arizona.

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News 4 found a cell phone number for Steven Hubbard, a registered manager.

“I’m a manager only in name, you’ll have to call Audix customer service,” Hubbard quickly said before hanging up.

We emailed customer service looking for comment and soon received a response that our order was being packaged.

Kevin says he’s received the same email, countless times.

Thankfully, Kevin says his bank has filed a fraud report with Visa, as he used a credit card in the purchase.

But with hearing aids running into the thousands of dollars, and on a fixed income, Kevin is back where he started. He now hopes others hear his warning.

“When you’re on disability, you can’t hear,” he said. “You scrape up enough money to buy something like that, you expect to receive it.”

While the state does license individual hearing aid fitters, they do not have a way to license or track hearing aids sold online.

Facebook tells News 4 that Audix and Xoom are no longer able to advertise on their site.

For others in Kevin’s shoes, financially strapped in need of hearing aid help, we have resources here:

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