Update: “I wasn’t expecting one that nice,” Disabled Oklahoman receives brand new ramp

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EDMOND, Okla. – Bertha Young likes what she sees. She responded, “I wasn’t expecting [a ramp] that nice.” Remember, she was trapped in her own home, because she couldn’t get up and down her steps. “Oh, I’ve fell a dozen times,” she recalled. The guy she paid over $500 to build her a new ramp, ditched her and the job. That was unacceptable, so we demanded he refund Bertha’s cash in full, and he did. And then we did one better. The Edmond and Oklahoma City chapters of AMBUCS built Bertha a ramp for free. They ponied up the cash and materials, and most importantly, their time and love. “When people can’t get up and get out like we can, we’ve got to make it happen,” OKC AMBUCS President, Fina Nett said. “We have to make their dreams come true.” Bertha’s been dreaming of getting to her favorite retail store. She originally told News 4 she “hadn’t been to Walmart in a year” and wanted to go real bad. Now she’s one giant step closer to making that first trip back. She said, “I know it will [happen] sometime, but I don’t know when.” AMBUCS strives to give Oklahomans, like Bertha, their mobility back. “Bertha can go to Walmart or wherever she wants to go and that ramp can let her leave her house and not be captive, this morning’s worth was worth it,” long time OKC AMBUCS member, David Feisel said. Chapters from all across Oklahoma continue to help disabled Oklahomans by building ramps and providing scholarships and therapeutic trikes. They welcome donations and new members to help them live out their important mission.
Bertha Young’s legs are in bad shape, which makes it impossible for her to get up and down her steps, even with a walker. “I’m just a prisoner,” Young said. “I can’t get out.” Young said other than a quick trip to the doctor, she hasn’t been out of her house in two months. She’s afraid what could happen. “Oh, I’ve fell a dozen times,” she said. Young thought she was on solid ground when she hired Derrick Butler to build her a ramp but, weeks later, there’s no progress and no sign of the contractor or her money. “He said that he’d call the City of Edmond and they wanted $110 for the permit, so I wrote him another check and that’s the last time I’ve seen him,” she said. Young said she was told by the city that she didn’t even need a permit. We got busy calling and texting Butler. We’ve still yet to ever hear from him, but we know he got our messages loud and clear because, less than 24 hours later, Young was made whole again with a full refund. That’s not all. We recruited the Edmond and Oklahoma City chapters of the non-profit civic organization AMBUCS to bless Young with a ramp she’s sure to be proud of. “We’re going to get on it and now that we know about and see if we can get a ramp built for you and get you out of the house.” Young’ll be out of the house soon and, most importantly, moving again.

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