A family is fed up in Grady County, claiming their road is becoming impassable, especially after severe weather events.

So far as county roads go, the stretch in question is a rough trip. Garry Kennedy, who moved in a few months ago, claims the road has recently become markedly worse.

“It’s beyond ridiculous,” he said. “We want some sort of answer.”

Garry left his Edmond life behind this year, after finding the perfect stretch of Grady County country.

But come the first rainfall, he knew he had problems.

“It was always big ruts, just when it started raining a lot – it’s pretty messy,” said Garry. “It’s like driving in lard.”

The road is frequented by large energy trucks, and with every rain, the ruts in the road have grown, becoming largely impassable on particularly rainy days.

But Garry says he’s not sure who’s responsible for the road. Just past Garry’s house, is pumpjack with a Mack Energy sign out front.

We spoke with county officials. They tell our team while the road is labeled “County Road 1556”, that’s only for emergency services. They say the road is owned and maintained by the energy company.

Garry says his requests for help from Mack Energy have gotten nowhere.

We spoke with the company, who told our team they would be reaching out to figure out what happened.

Our conversation though was nearly two weeks ago, and while they have reached out, Garry says no repairs have been made.

He says he fears for his family, and what might happen if on the wrong day emergency vehicles should need to get in, or if his family would need to get out.

We’ll check back.