Fans 4 Oklahoma kicks off with a very special pair

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OKLAHOMA CITY – There is never a dull moment with Betty and Harry Wales.

Betty told News 4, “We married for love, ’til death do us part, and we live for the Lord and He made us behave ourselves.”

The pair have been flirting and teasing one another since 1949.

“She drives, and I pray, and we get there,” Harry exclaimed with a smirk on his face.

Harry is a retired preacher.

Betty, a feisty gal from Louisiana.

They have nearly seven decades of living, and laughing, and sweating it out together.

“Oh mercy,” Harry added.

Their high energy bills really make ’em sweat.

Besides helping keep them fed year-round, The Salvation Army helps keep them cool when conditions are extreme.

The In Your Corner team and Dee Watts from the Salvation Army dropped off a pair of new boxed fans to help ease the burden.

“And they’re still in love with each other and [they] love Jesus.”

Dee says for every Harry and Betty, there are dozens more families pleading for help right now.

“We’ve had several people call through the medication they are taking, you know they can just not endure the heat even the heat we have right now, is just too much,” she said. “The sooner the better.”

Many don’t have working AC, or can’t afford to keep up with their high energy bills.

These fans serve a very important purpose, helping get the air moving inside their homes.

Harry and Betty are heading into summer with the wind at their back, and a lifetime of enduring love.

They are asking you to donate a fan, so we can make sure it gets to a deserving family.

Drop one off at the News 4 studios, or the Salvation Army’s Center of Hope at 1001 N. Pennsylvania during normal business hours.

If you need a fan, contact the Salvation Army to see if you qualify.

You must either be a senior citizen, have a family with infants, or be disabled with a chronic illness.

To receive a fan, applicants must provide a photo ID, proof of residency and must reside in Oklahoma County.

For more information, call (405) 246-1100.

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