OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A problem has bubbled up in a southeast Oklahoma City neighborhood. Neighbors in the Liberty Trails subdivision told News 4 they have been dealing with a leaking water meter for nearly a month.

The meter is in front of Ashley Tyler’s home. She told News 4 it had been gushing nonstop since someone tried to turn her water off.

OKC woman says busted water meter has been flowing for a month. Image KFOR.
OKC woman says busted water meter has been flowing for a month. Image KFOR.

She said she was late on her $332 dollar water bill and the city’s water department gave her a 48-hour notice to pay or her water would be disconnected. Tyler said she paid the bill before the deadline but someone from the city came out anyways and attempted to shut off her meter, which broke in the process.

“The meter is completely turned around in the ground and you can turn the water on and off by your hand,” said Tyler. “It’s completely messed up.”

Tyler said since then she has little to no water pressure.

“I can’t do dishes,” said Tyler. “Taking a shower is like taking a bird bath. I can’t wash laundry.”

She said the city told her the repairs were her responsibility and to call a plumber. The plumber came out and said it would cost $1,600 to fix.

“I’m a disabled vet and I don’t have the income to pay $1,600,” said Tyler. “I don’t think I should pay anyway since it’s not my fault.”

News 4 reached out to the city’s water department by phone. They said every contact with customers was recorded in their file and they would investigate the matter.

“I’m scared,” said Tyler. “Everything was fine until that man came out here and tried to disconnect.”

Tyler notified KFOR that the busted water meter was fixed as of Tuesday, but now there’s concerns about who’s going to pay for the repair.