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OKLAHOMA CITY – Steve Wallace’s home is protected with a security system.

“It does bring peace of mind knowing that it is there and safe when you’re away,” he said.

He was home when he said hello to someone pretending to be with his alarm company, Globelink Security Systems.

“[They said] ‘We see that you’ve had the system for over two years, and we’re looking at doing upgrades for free to you,’” Steve said.

Bill Davey of Globelink says these are actual alarm companies that will use high-pressure or deceptive tactics to get you to switch your system, often times trying to trap you into a much higher price and longer contract.

“They’re going to call saying they’re Honeywell or GE but, really, as a local security company in Oklahoma, I sell those products, but I’m not Honeywell, and I’m not GE,” Davey said. “That’s what they’re using to make them appear bigger than what they really are.”

They targeted Steve over the phone, but other shady salesmen will go door-to-door and the sign out front can you make you an easy target. 

Davey says it just happened to one of his more vulnerable customers.

“She’s 85 years old,” he said. “A gentleman from Utah enters the home, gets all of the information, gets her social security number, date of birth, driver’s license number, gets everything they need to build that account and didn’t leave any documentation.”

The scariest part is she let the stranger into her home and had no way of protecting herself.

  • Do not answer your door without an appointment.
  • If they do get you to open up, demand to see their credentials.
  • The state requires them to carry a license and ID.
  • Read over the fine print before signing anything.

Steve says, right away, he knew something was up when the salesman couldn’t tell him the name of his alarm company.

Remember, with most business deals, you have three business days to cancel any contract you sign.

The Oklahoma Department of Labor regulates alarm companies.

You can verify a license for free here.