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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A notorious contractor is back in hot water. He’s well known by the In Your Corner team, and now tales of Jeronimo Marquez’s alleged fraud have reached the Oklahoma Attorney General’s desk.

Jeronimo Marquez has run from In Your Corner for years.

We have followed his story since 2014. Time and time again, folks came forward claiming Marquez had accepted down payments for jobs that were never finished.

Time though could be running out for Marquez.

New felony charges have been filed, this time by Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter.

“We’re confident in the investigation, confident in the facts,” said Hunter. “We’re gonna hold Mr. Marquez accountable for his criminal activity.”

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Jeronimo Marquez

The charges were filed just days ago – four counts of violating the Consumer Protection Act and one count of exhibiting a pattern of criminal behavior.

This time, Marquez is accused of taking jobs through his business “Push Lawn-care,” and failing to follow through on those jobs.

“We have no patience in this office with folks who are scamming and defrauding Oklahomans,” said Hunter. “I mean get an honest job.”

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Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter

General Hunter also shared advice for Oklahomans in need of contractors, warning folks to avoid down payments needed to buy materials.

“If a contractor’s bonafide, they’ve got relationships with suppliers, they’ve got credit lines so they can go get their materials,” said Hunter. “Multiple references, not just one. Get multiple bids from different companies, ask for licenses. It’s also smart to get evidence of insurance.”

Up next could be a lengthy court battle, as the state fights to get victims some justice.

Mike Hunter is asking others who believe they have been victimized by Jeronimo Marquez to come forward.

Click here for details on how to file a complaint.