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OKLAHOMA COUNTY (KFOR) – Jeronimo Marquez is a contractor whose name continues to cross our desk.

Lee Goss met him late last year while hoping to build a shed out back. He would pay $2,000 up front.

“I just wanted a shop built… work on my cars, have my little man cave space,” he explained. “Gave him a deposit, and he said, ‘Yeah, I’ll be there tomorrow.’”

But “tomorrow” never came. A slew of excuses came instead.

“Then it was gonna be the next day, gonna be the Friday after Thanksgiving, then it was gonna be the Saturday after Thanksgiving,” Lee said. “It’s been that way, just one story after another.”

For years, court cases against Jeronimo have come and gone, and KFOR has kept up every step of the way.

Jeronimo’s broken promises ranged from uncompleted backyard work to storm shelters that were never installed.

Jeronimo has been busy of late, with at least three varying fraud felonies filed in five months in Canadian and Oklahoma County.

The most recent was filed Thursday. According to court documents, the victim showed police News 4 stories to back up her claims.

Jeronimo was due in court at 9 a.m. Thursday morning. We tried to catch him, but he showed up late.

We caught him on the phone instead.

“Oh, I guess you were [at court] a little too early,” Jeronimo said.

When pressed for more information though, he quickly responded, “I don’t have to give you no information, man,” before hanging up.

Lee Goss has since started over, and his man cave project is underway.

He hopes others see his story and share his message.

“Be aware. Put his face out there, know that he’s gonna cheat you,” he said.

For those who feel they have been victimized by Jeronimo, email the Attorney General’s office at

You can also call (405) 521-2029.