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PINK, Okla. (KFOR) – A Pottawatomie County couple hoped to add to their home’s value, pouring their savings into a new porch. But they now say they poured that money down the drain, claiming a contractor botched the job and stopped responding.

Sherry Vanderstine had plans for a porch, but says getting good help out to Pink can be a struggle.

“I put an ad out next door,” she explained. “Asking for recommendations.”

Soon after, a stranger reached out through Facebook suggesting “Timothy” with “T&A Construction”.

Sherry says he was willing to start ASAP.

“He came out, talked to me about all my projects,” she said. “Gave me a bid. It was acceptable to me.”

After doing different jobs around the property, the work began on the concrete.

Sherry and her husband say they paid $2,000 cash and paid for materials.

But the job took longer than anticipated and seemed to be a struggle even after dark.

“They were trying to smooth it out, but it had already set,” said Sherry. “They knew they couldn’t smooth it out, I knew they couldn’t smooth it out, it was clear it was out of hand.”

In the light of day, the problems were more apparent.

Sherry tells KFOR she found a lumpy, sloping, concrete splattered mess and a mound of dirt meant to be used for leveling left behind.

“[Concrete] all over the house, all over my decorative rock on the porch, flower pots have been splattered with concrete, of course the yard is basically ruined about three feet out,” she noted. “Left [dirt] there, pretending it was a gift to me instead of a burden.”

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“Timothy” with “T&A Construction”.

The Vanderstine’s requested Timothy come back to fix the problem.

Though he initially returned and grinded down some of the concrete, Sherry says he actually made more of a mess and hasn’t been seen since.

“He said, ‘Oh, you can keep the rest of the money you owe me,'” she explained. “[Timothy said], ‘I’m just gonna walk away.'”

So who is Timothy and T&A Construction. News 4 investigated, but couldn’t find any proof the business is registered with the state.

In Your Corner also stopped by a home we believe to be Timothy’s, but nobody was home on multiple occasions.

Our investigation lead us to believe Timothy’s last name is Ross, a name he answered to during a phone call.

However he claimed to know nothing about Sherry’s job.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” said Timothy, before hanging up.

Follow-up phone calls were not returned.

Now Sherry says she’ll have to demo the job and start from scratch, and taking the concrete out will cost about as much as putting it in.

For now, her dream porch will have to wait.

“I am frustrated, I am angry,’ said Sherry. “More than that, I’m super embarrassed this is at my house.”