CHOCTAW, Okla. (KFOR) – A contractor fixed a Choctaw woman’s fence for free after seeing her story on KFOR about a different contractor running away with her money and leaving her fence with a lot of work left.

“I had gotten their number from y’all and reached out and pretty soon they were keeping their word and fixing my fence,” said Sheila Edwards whose fence is now fixed.

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Months ago Edwards said she paid over $9,000 for fence work by a local contractor. She said they did some of the work and never came back to finish it. Edwards said she never got her money back and needed help.

“My yard was about halfway down without a fence and at this point, I’m having to go to court to try and get my money back,” said Edwards.

Shortly after KFOR ran that story in June another contractor FenceWorx reached out to the newsroom asking how they can help.

“An opportunity came up to help somebody in our community and after meeting Sheila and seeing what a sweet lady she was, it’s just something that we knew we had to do,” said Zach Fichte of FenceWorx.

There was a lot to be done before FenceWorx came in like the fence surrounding the backyard was missing, the poles were unleveled, Fichte said that the posts were cheap and would warp soon, and more.

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“When it comes to some of the property lines in the back, I don’t think they were aware of where the actual property lines were,” said Fichte. “They had put some inside the neighbors fence and some were wonky but we did the best that we could to get the fence back to where she would have a yard that she would enjoy.”

And it was all done for free.

A look at the finished product.

Edwards said she still has not received the money owed and that she is headed to court to work it out.

“I just want to emphasize and it’s always the same old story,” said Fichte. “When you take money down that is usually a bad sign. We don’t ask for any money upfront ever. We schedule your appointment and then we’re just more in the business of making sure that you’re happy and then we’ll worry about the money when it’s all done.”

Fichte said that they help out sometimes but that if anyone does need to hire a contractor they can call them at 405-820-7265 or head to their website here.

“I’m so happy that this is all taken care of and these guys actually followed through with what they said they were going to do,” said Edwards.