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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Metro community members hope a local baseball field can memorialize a local teenager who was killed in a car accident. But the future of the field remains up in the air as a court battle continues.

The battle over Davis Ballpark rages on.

We first took you to the park early last year, when ownership of the park first came into question.

“It’s been a ballpark since 1969,” said Albert Neece, whose son grew up playing on the field. “It was built, donated to the community, and it’s always been ran by a board.”

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Davis Ballpark

Albert is the current vice president of the local Optimist Club chapter.

The nonprofit has been in charge of the ballpark for decades. But a few years back, Optimist president Adam Davis put the park up for sale, while other Optimist members say they were none the wiser.

What’s more, the property was sold to an LLC owned by Adam Davis’s brother in law, Wallace Stark.

Stark purchased the field for only $3,000, then later put it back on the market for $1.2 million.

In our initial story, we spoke with the pair on the phone. Wallace Stark did not wish to comment, advising News 4 to contact his attorney.

Adam Davis told KFOR the sale was done legitimately by the Optimist Club.

“I didn’t sell it,” he noted. “The Optimist Club sold it.”

The two sides have been in court now for months. But in 2022, a somber start to the new year after a local baseball team rolled their van along I-35 after winning a tournament in Florida.

The driver, 18-year-old Gabriel Williams, was killed.

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Gabriel Williams

“I’ve never lost someone this close to me, and, you know, it’s it’s tough,” said David Neece, who was injured in the wreck and knew Gabriel well. “I played with him growing up my whole life.”

The ballpark is in serious need of repair, but that has been put on pause as the legalities play out.

Should Davis Ballpark hold on though, Albert says a new name will be added.

“It still would be Davis Ballpark. But somewhere in there we would put up a memorial, a Gabe Williams Memorial,” said Albert. “We want to implement his name somewhere in the park for his memory.”

“It’s awesome,” added David. “I’m glad we have the opportunity, and he deserves it.”

The local Optimist Club chapter has brought in a new attorney in their case.

News 4 attempted to reach the attorneys for both Adam Davis and Wallace Stark, but have not heard back.