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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – It’s been a hard winter on us all and homeowners are having to clean up mother nature’s mess time and time again.

A Bethany senior sought help, but instead says he thousands of dollars.

It’s been a long winter for Wayne Smith, but it was back in the fall his problems started.

His home, like so many others, was victim to a wayward ice worn branch back in October.

“It went plumb through the roof into the house,” said Wayne. “The damage is still there, hadn’t got it fixed.”

The brunt of the damage though was on the patio out back.

The two large trees remained a mangled mess until late December, when Wayne spotted a tree trimmer working across the street.

“Went over there asked if he did tree work,” said Wayne. “Said ‘well would you take these trees out?’ Asked him how much, course it started at $1500.”

With a price of $1,500 for two trees, the work started soon after.

Wayne says that price soon jumped, though.

“Needed more money for this or that. First he needed 100 to feed his crew. I gave him 100 dollars,” said Wayne. “Course we agreed on $1,500, then it got up to $2,000.”

The new price of $2,000 for two trees apparently didn’t cover clean up.

Wayne found his backyard in absolute disarray, and the tree man was long gone.

Turns out, the contractor goes by the name Bradford Eugene Foster, a local with a history of encounters with law enforcement.

We gave Bradford a call.

“I’ve been meaning to get back over there. I’m hurt. I got my foot hurt, my ankles,” he explained, when asked why cleanup was taking so long. “Headed back over there to help them out hopefully tomorrow.”

Now keep in mind, weeks had passed since his initial work, and there was no reason for him to return.

When Wayne finally gave up on Bradford’s return, he and his son in law rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

“Yeah, being as old as I am, pretty winded,” explained Wayne, when describing cleaning up the mess at 83-years-old.

But there is a silver lining to this story.

Bethany branch pick-up had already come by the Smith’s street. Our team called then Mayor KP Westmoreland, who was more than happy to help.

“We formed the mayor’s task force to try to help these individuals in our community, to take care of these issues,” said former mayor Westmoreland. “Love on our people by cleaning up something like this is a huge help to them, and ultimately it brings community together.”

Unfortunately, Bradford hung up before we could discuss the price gouging allegations. In Your Corner did text him though, telling him we believe the Smith’s deserve a refund.

We’ll let you know if we hear back.

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