Update 2/21/22 – A couple Oklahoma families are closure to closure, after a local contractor pleaded guilty to charges brought by the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office. 

News 4’s investigation into Mathew McRae began nearly a year and a half ago. His business practices lead to legal issues in Oklahoma and North Dakota. 

The Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office charged McCrae last year, twice for violating the consumer protection act, and once for having a pattern of criminal offenses. 

McRae pleaded guilty to all counts earlier this month, and now faces a deferred five year sentence, and $67-thousand in restitution payments.

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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Months after an In Your Corner investigation, a local contractor is charged by the Oklahoma Attorney General’s office.

He’s accused of having a pattern of crime, and he could face substantial fees and prison time.

Mathew McRae is becoming well known around Lincoln County.

We first met him after local veteran Jeff Robinson reached out to our team.

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Adam Snider questioning Mathew McRae.

Jeff hired McRae for concrete work, but claimed the work was poor and the job was never finished.

In addition, Jeff told our team his near $30,000 concrete payment was apparently never given to the concrete company.

“There’s a pattern; wish I had known about this earlier,” said Jeff in November. “I realized we were in for a long battle, and I do foresee lawsuits coming out.”

We also met with Dan and Marla Bowen, who have been in a battle for their business, Bowen Dozer, for some time.

Mathew purchased the business from the family, but allegedly stopped making payments. According to court documents, he also failed to complete a house project for the Bowen’s.

This week, there were brand new charges for McRae from Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter.

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Mathew McRae in jail.

McRae, charged twice for being in violation of the Consumer Protection Act and once for having a pattern of criminal offenses, is now in the Oklahoma County Detention Center.

The charges stem from both Jeff Robinson and the Bowens’ unfinished jobs.

As the case makes its way through the courts, both Jeff and the Bowens are having to clean up the mess this situation has caused.

Dan Bowen tells us he now has to come out of retirement to dig himself out of a financial dilemma.

Jeff Robinson ultimately paid the concrete company to prevent a lien from being placed on his home.

We’ll check back.