IN YOUR CORNER: Couple fights for fence refund

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BETHEL ACRES, Okla. (KFOR) – Kaytie Lockman had her furry family in mind.

With four dogs itching for the outside life, she posted on Facebook looking for fence contractors. This is where she met Michael Coffee.

“I love [my dogs] dearly, wanted to give them a bigger area where they could roam around,” explained Kaytie. “[Contractor] came out and quoted us $7-thousand, and asked us to send him any offers we got after that.”

The $7-thousand estimate was sent through Facebook.

But Kaytie and her fiance sought other bids, ultimately getting one for a little less than $6-thousand.

Michael Coffee agreed he would beat that price.

“Gave me a better rate than the other guy was gonna give me,” said Kaytie. “We gave him $5500 – we just said ok we trust this man.”

But the problems soon began to mount.

Coffee’s company, Pitbull Construction, dropped by Kaytie’s home only once, digging a handful of holes and leaving behind fence posts.

But further work kept getting delayed.

“I wasn’t pestering him about it or anything, I would just text him and say when is the next time you’ll come out,” said Kaytie. “He would make plans to come out, then wouldn’t show up.”

Then late one night, nearly a month after accepting the money, Michael asked for a copy of the other contractor’s bid. That’s when the accusations started.

“He said that I had doctored the image, and I lied, didn’t hold up my end of the bargain,” said Kaytie. “So he’s gonna be taking me to court.”

Michael Coffee accused Kaytie of somehow doctoring the estimate.

We called Mr. Coffee trying to sort out what happened.

Michael claims the $55-hundred estimate was only for materials. But this is not said in any text messages.

“I assure you I didn’t just swindle this lady out of $5500,” said Michael.

As for the alleged fraudulent estimate, Michael claimed he called that contractor.

“I called the number, spoke to a gentleman named ‘Dwayne'”, he said. “He knew Kaytie, said Kaytie paid $50 to trump up this bid at a low cost, so I would try to beat the bid.”

We called the other contractor. he tells our team he had never heard of Michael Coffee before we started on our story, and that he certainly doesn’t have an employee named Dwayne.

Kaytie claims she’s never heard of a Dwayne.

Also, there’s no mention of a Dwayne in Michael’s initial accusatory messages to Kaytie.

Side-note, in our research we found that Michael Coffee’s middle name is Dwayne.

In Your Corner worked with Michael, pushing for a refund, and a fresh start.

“Let’s do that then, let’s go take her all the receipts right now, and just be done with this,” said In Your Corner Reporter Adam Snider, while speaking with Michael.

“Well that’s what I would like to do,” Michael replied.

But we have not heard back since, and neither has Kaytie.

She’s now trying to figure out what happens next.

With no contract signed, and all verbal agreements, she feels stuck.

In Your Corner bottom line, always get these types of deals in writing.

This helps protect both parties, as everyone can understand what is expected.

Also, don’t pay for jobs in full up front.

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