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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A local gopher remover catches the eye of our In Your Corner team again.

Gopher Green is known for their work with gophers, but they’re increasingly catching ire from customers.

Toni Twitty has had enough of her gophers.

“My dogs would come in covered in mud in January,” she explained. “That’s when we were like hey, I think we have gophers or moles or something.”

She sought help online, finding local critter eradicator Gopher Green, led by Bradley Barney.

Toni tells our team she opted for the $500 year long plan back in the winter.

“He came the one time, maybe six weeks later he came got his traps. He had two moles or gophers,” said Toni. “He really upsells you to the next level, which is great because they do come back. But it’s not cool he won’t come back.”

Toni says attempts to contact the company in the spring fell through.

Toni attempted to get Bradley back out in the fall, but the owner claimed he was having car trouble, and promised a refund if he wasn’t able to get back out and fulfill the year long deal.

That refund never came to be. So Toni got online, digging deeper into Bradley’s 4-star Google rating.

Should you look online, you’ll find either five-star, or one-star reviews, with little in between.

Many folks leave glowing praise, only to change their rating months later, unable to get Bradley back out.

“He comes out, and hopes he never has to come back,” said Toni. “So the people that give him a good review when he comes out quick, give him a good review.”

News 4 first reported on Gopher Green last year, telling Joel Arnold’s story.

Bradley insulted News 4 viewers, touted his social media presence, but claimed Joel would be getting a refund.

That refund never came to be.

“Well I never heard from him, so I sent him pictures, videos of increasing gopher activity around the traps he had set, and he didn’t seemed concerned,” said Joe at the time. “I told him I may take him to small claims court.”

In Your Corner spoke with Bradley again this time around. He told our team he believes Toni may have failed to contact him through the proper channels.

As for the text messages claiming car trouble and promises of a refund, Bradley inferred the messages may have been altered, while offering no evidence.

“You know how easy it is to delete someone’s response?” said Bradley.

Meanwhile, Toni is now setting her own gopher traps, awaiting word on whether Bradley will dig up that refund.

Following our conversation, Bradley did contact Toni. However, the two remain at an impasse, and no refund has been given.

In Your Corner bottom line, when picking someone for such a service go beyond Google or Yelp star-ratings.

Consumers should really dig into reviews, and if there’s a pattern in the complaints, take note.