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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma family paid thousands for a driveway, only to pay thousands more to repair it. But after months of inaction by the contractor, finally some good news.

When last we met Anna Campbell her driveway was driving her crazy.

“Soon as we got up, we got tar on the bottom of our tires,” she explained. “It leaves big ol’ holes and tar pits.”

The job was done by local contractor Oklahoma Asphalt for just over $4,200 in January.

But anytime that Oklahoma sun peaks out, the asphalt softens and sticks to whatever it touches.

“I mean the tar is just dropping, you can see the tar dripping,” Anna described, pointing to her tar-covered shovel.

Anna says she attempted to reach the company for months before posting a review on Facebook and contacting KFOR.

We spoke to Oklahoma Asphalt owner John Donahue, who told our team Anna would be receiving a refund.

To his credit, John followed through! Days after our initial story ran, Anna informed our team she received a cashier’s check in the mail for repairs on her driveway.

The money has already been put to good use. Anna shared with us photos of a freshly finished driveway.

She tells In Your Corner her family was excited to properly park outside their home for the first time in months.