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NOBLE, Okla. (KFOR) – Their trek to Oklahoma has become a mess. Now, a California family is in a fight for everything they own with a moving company who won’t return their calls.

Tom and Kathleen Platt live in Noble, but their first few weeks here have been a blur.

They opted out of the California dream to move closer to family and further from wildfires.

“We’re retired,” said Kathleen. “I have a lot of family here that I wanted to be close to.”

But their Cali home sold in a flash, and the Platts had to move immediately, using broker Nationwide Moving Services.

“We sold our house so fast, it kind of put us in a bind,” said Tom. “I called [Nationwide], and they were able to send somebody over within a couple days that met our schedule.”

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Kathleen and Tom Platt

The couple was under the impression their move would cost just under $4,000.

Turns out, that fee was just for their broker. After their items were packed by New Jersey-based Deluxe Moving, they say the movers requested $9,900 up front, with more due at delivery.

“We were [wondering] what can we do,” said Kathleen. “We have to be out of our house tomorrow.”

With payment begrudgingly made, everything they owned was packed, stacked and driven away from their California home in March.

Now in August, the family lives in Noble, and their stuff hasn’t been seen since.

“They said they’d give us 24 hours notice,” said Tom. “We never heard from them.”

Both Nationwide Moving and Deluxe Moving have mixed reviews through Facebook, Google and the BBB.

They both also have several complaints this year on the federal level.

Deluxe Moving has never answered the Platt’s phone calls and failed to answer ours as well.

Nationwide Moving initially answered, but hung up before learning which customer we were even calling about.

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Nationwide Moving and Deluxe Moving have both received mixed reviews online.

On a return phone call, learning of the Platt’s story, we were told they could only speak with the Platts in regards to the situation.

Following our phone call, Thom says Nationwide Moving reached out to him, promising they’d get to work moving his items in the next week.

While waiting for their items, the Platts have had to build their home from scratch.

But it’s their personal items, and the principal, that has the Platts apoplectic.

“Everything bought in here was bought after moving. I used to be in an antique business, love going to thrift shops and yard sales anyway,” said Kathleen. “We don’t care about the furniture, just the personal things we’d love to get back. They can’t just rip people off and walk away and think it’s okay.”

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration accepts consumer complaints, and shows numbers of complaints against contractors on their website.

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