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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – This holiday season, Craigslist, Facebook, and other websites can be clutch spots to grab last minute items, but fraudsters have found these marketplaces as well, and desperate Oklahomans are falling victim.

Buying online is a tricky business. Unfortunately, Paullette Robinson now knows this all too well.

Her experience begins on Facebook Marketplace on Thanksgiving day, after her refrigerator kicked the bucket.

“Did some searching, found a black one like the one that we have, matches our other appliances,” said Paullette. “[Seller] offered to deliver it, which was great because I don’t have a truck to go pick up a refrigerator.” 

His Facebook name at the time, was Don Hutson.

For $325, Don not only dropped by Paullette’s home, but he sweetened the deal.

“He had offered to haul off my old refrigerator,” said Paullette. “Which at the time was a blessing, because he said he’d take it to the junkyard and scrap it.”

But as the hours ticked on, Paullette noticed the butter in her new fridge began to melt.

She soon realized she may be out $325.

“[Fridge] is not getting cold. I’m like this is not ok, so I tried to message him again to say ‘hey it’s not getting cold, can you tell me why?’ And I’m blocked on messenger,” said Paullette. “Like this is super irritating.”

Facebook phonies are not new in the Corner.

Just this year we reported, after a local couple fell prey to an In Your Corner all star.

Problem for Paullette, is she doesn’t know exactly who sold her the fridge.

The seller’s name online at the time of purchase, was Don Hutson. That profile has since disappeared, But you can find a Don Huston.

This profile has no friends, and appears to only use the site to sell items.

Paullette tells our team, her broken fridge that was hauled off has since been posted for resale.

“I see my refrigerator online, on sale, for $300,” she said. “I know it doesn’t work, now I’m super angry.”

Paullette must now use the extra fridge that’s out in her garage, while trying to recoup more than $300 this holiday season.

“Frustration, disappointment, and just sadness for the lack of general decency from one human being to another,” she noted.

In Your Corner bottom line, be very wary of online marketplaces this holiday season.

Check court records, double check profiles to be sure they’re real, and if you spot any red flags, dont be in a rush to sell.

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