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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A fight over a flock comes to a close, after a northeast Oklahoma City neighborhood pushes for a change to city code, giving hundreds of birds the boot.

Neighbors have hoped for change for nearly a year, after a NE OKC home was found to be filled to the brim with birds in cages.

“Over the course of this year or so it’s full of birds, hundreds of birds in there in cages,” said Diane Carroll Jackson in our first story. “We are trying to have a safe, clean, productive community in which to live.”

KFOR first met Diane last spring.

She alerted News 4 and city leaders on the situation.

The City County Health Department would visit the home, finding hundreds of Japanese quail inside, but no serious city code violations.

This came to the surprise of councilperson Nikki Nice.

“Unimaginable this would be in a neighborhood in the urban core of our community,” said the Ward 7 councilperson. “I give my word this is something I will continue through until the end.”

Why the birds are in the home is a mystery. News 4’s many attempts to reach the homeowner have fallen flat.

Attempts to change city code though have not.

In late September, Nikki Nice proposed a current ordinance, which requires certain agricultural animals be raised on at least one acre large sites, be amended to include quail and other fowl.

The amendment passed unanimously weeks later.

The homeowner then had three months to remove the quail.

With a month or so to spare, Diane alerted our team over the weekend, the birds had been packed up and removed.

Should they return to roost, In Your Corner will surely check back.