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OKLA CITY - Svetlana Sanclement is still waiting on roofer, Joe Holston, to honor his contract.

She said, “He appears to be a hardworking man.”

Svetlana hired Holston to repair her roof and rebuild her porch.

The roof hasn't been touched.

The porch is a mess and some of the roofing materials Svetlana paid for are now missing.

Someone stole them from the driveway.        

Holston refused to go on-camera with us but tells the In Your Corner team he doesn't know who swiped the materials.

He claims a subcontractor he hired to rebuild the porch contributed to most of the project's delay. 

Svetlana wants Holtson to pay for the stolen materials anyway.

“Joe delivered materials to my driveway and they were sitting over there for six weeks,” she said. “Joe disappeared, did not answer my text messages, phone calls.”

Svetlana tried reporting the contractor to police but was told it was a civil matter.

That's when we started digging around.

It's alleged Holston sold himself as a licensed home inspector.

Yet when we pulled the state's roofing registry, there was no mention of the contractor or his company, Roof Crafters, anywhere.  

Holston holds a Damage Assessment Certification through Haag engineering, a forensic engineering and consulting company that offers paid workshops for roofing professionals.

A Haag spokesperson tells the In Your Corner team it does not certify any work done by its students.

Svetlana says she feels duped.

She said, “Pretty much the repair is delayed and I need an answer."

At this point, both Svetlana and Holston have agreed to part ways, but there's still the issue of a refund.

We're working to mediate things, but in the meantime have put Svetlana in touch with another roofer about finally finishing the job. We'll keep you posted.

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