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KAY COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A local nonprofit is helping out a Kay County man after his mission to find transportation led to fraud.

It was a day Cecil Hall had looked forward to for some time. The 63 year old had been looking for an adult tricycle for months, believing he found the perfect fit late last year.

“I typed in 7 speed adult tricycles on Google,” Cecil told us in November. “They listed about 10-12 of them across the page.”

He settled on a sight called ‘PickMes’, paying close to $70.

But the bike never came. The company instead sent a small child’s tank top.

“I don’t even think, sir, a new born baby would fit in that,” Cecil said, displaying his purchase.

The seedy site never properly responded to Cecil or to KFOR’s request for comment.

But Oklahomans did respond. The In Your Corner phone line was flooded for days with folks hoping to help.

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Cecil Hall with his new adult tricycle.

Among those calling was the non-profit AMBUCS, whose Ponca City Charity Angels were ready to roll.

“We’re giving away an Amtryke to Cecil,” said Wendy Bond, with the local chapter. “Now he’s getting exactly what he needed, mobility.”

At 63, with a degenerative eye condition, Cecil had hoped a trike might keep him mobile and spry.

He thinks he’ll soon be fit as a fiddle, thanks to AMBUCS and the Oklahoma Standard.

“I’m gonna go home, let it soak in first and let it go from there,” said Cecil. “If a person wants to donate to a charity, [AMBUCS] are the people to go to because they’ve done wonders.”

The Ponca City Charity Angels AMBUCS operate through donations. You can donate to the cause on Venmo, @charityangels.

For information on the OKC chapter, click here.