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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A metro woman claims she’s out tens of thousands of dollars due to a contractor she says won’t finish the job, and damaged her home along the way.

After half a decade in her Northeast Oklahoma City home, Roberta Pendarvis had hoped for an upgrade.

She sought a contractor online, ultimately accepting a bid from Beyond Boundaries LLC. Geronimo Reyes got to work late last year, expanding the bathroom and adding an accent wall.

Roberta was initially happy with the job, and opted to bring Geronimo back for a much larger project, paying $29,000 down for a home extension and three car garage in June.

Work continued for weeks but then abruptly stopped in September.

“He added this on, the roof line, but that’s it,,” Roberta explained, showing KFOR the frame of extensions that’s still not complete. “[The] three car garage in the backyard, he trenched it out, but never poured the concrete.”

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Damage to a Northeast Oklahoma City home.

Beyond Boundaries seemed to be a family business shared between Geronimo and Miguel Reyes. The company did pull a permit for the construction of Roberta’s house extension, but failed to pull any permits for electrical work.

That company, though, is now dissolved. The brothers have since started Reyes Brothers Buys Houses LLC.

Roberta tells News 4 that Geronimo hasn’t returned to her home since September, and the work he left behind seemed to damage her roof.

“The ceiling came in [after it rained],” Roberta said. “I woke up to all the insulation, the board fell in on our desk and stuff, all over the floor and everything.”

In Your Corner found Geronimo hard at work on another home in Oklahoma City.

Though he initially denied knowing about Roberta’s job, he eventually said his attorney would be reaching out to the homeowner soon.

Geronimo blamed city procedure, claiming a variance hearing on the garage pushed Roberta down his scheduling list.

“If she wants us [to], we’re gonna refund or proceed with the job, whatever she wants,” he added.

Roberta has since hired someone to fix her roof, and has hired another contractor to finish the home extension.

She tells our team Geronimo reached out shortly after our visit, but has given no indication he’d be willing to give a refund.

In Your Corner bottom line, always beware while putting large sums of cash up front for projects.

Also, have assurances in place should damage to your property occur. It never hurts to check if your contractor is bonded and insured.