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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A local veteran is battling a solar company over a $71,000 system that’s never been properly connected.

Steven Gill’s solar story has dragged on for months.

“There was information they should have given,” said Steven. “Plus where are they?”

“They” are Texas-based company Solergy, who installed a $71,000-plus system late last December.

It has sat collecting dust ever since. Making matters worse, Steven learned after purchase that he doesn’t qualify for a promised multi-thousand dollar rebate.

“I’ve been waiting since, can’t get an answer back from Solergy,” Steven explained when we first met. “They said you get a 26 percent rebate from the federal government by claiming it on your income taxes. You gotta make enough; somebody should’ve explained it’s based on that, that’s something I didn’t know.”

Solergy touts an F-rating with the BBB.

The permit for Steven’s project was requested after the fact, and ultimately denied by the City of Norman.

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A solar panel company has been a source of frustration for Steven Gill.

According to city records, the panels were deemed to be too close to the road.

“They have to be 100 feet from the main road,” said Steven. “They may be 10 feet above it.”

Steven’s Solergy story is one of many.

KFOR met with Christian Burch back in June. His system also sat unconnected for months before they were finally removed.

But he told In Your Corner he was stuck paying for the financing.

“I have an almost perfect credit score,” said Christian. “So I’m stuck paying this bill cause I don’t want to take a hit on that.”

Solergy did not respond to Christian’s situation, but they did speak on Steven’s.

They told KFOR it’s on the customer to understand the ins and outs of rebates before purchasing, and blamed Norman for their project delays.

We checked back in with Steven in November, finding still-non-functioning panels, and a still resolute Steven.

“Take them,” he said. “I don’t want them anymore.”

But there was new optimism, following an email sent hours before our interview.

A Solergy representative said crews would be out the following day to remove the panels.

In Your Corner returned as well, finding a handful of panels removed and a crew who hated the cameras.

That crew ultimately left, and wouldn’t come back until KFOR cameras were gone.

They would return, but Steven tells News 4 they did not complete the job and haven’t been back since.

His next move is to determine if he’s expected to pay off said panels. Steven says he has reached out to the financing company and is awaiting word.

News 4 has attempted to reach Solergy, but our calls to the customer service line have gone straight to voicemail, and the inbox is full.