OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – In Your Corner bids a bittersweet farewell to a man who’s been part of the KFOR family for more than two decades.

He’s been telling your stories for 27 years.

Marc Dillard has captured some of the most iconic moments in Oklahoma news.

“He’s been on the scenes of shootings, car wrecks, things happening when he’s shooting from the chopper,” noted KFOR evening anchor, Kevin Ogle. “He has seen it all here in OKC.”

Dillard’s KFOR journey started in 1995, filling in as a relief photographer from Amarillo during the Oklahoma City Bombing.

He came on full time four months later, quickly becoming a jack-of-all trades, including a go-to chopper photographer during some of the wildest chases of the past 20 years.

One of Marc’s true passions, though, lies in weather.

“Marc Dillard is a veteran storm chaser of over 30 years,” said Emily Sutton, KFOR Meteorologist. “What I appreciate and love about Marc is that he’ll just go out and find the storm, find the action, find the accident. Whatever’s going on, he’s on top of it.”

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Marc Dillard

Dillard has been behind the lens during some of Oklahoma’s darkest days, staying ahead of the storm to help keep you informed.

“He’s a meteorology nut. He should have just joined to the dark side. He should have just went to meteorology school,” added Emily. “He knows everything about it.”

Then there’s his time working In Your Corner.

Dillard has been the secret sauce in the Corner for two decades-plus.

Brad Edwards, Scott Hines and myself have leaned on his vast knowledge of city code and state statutes.

He also provided backup during our more tense encounters.

“Now Marc can come across as this tough guy, but deep down, anyone who truly knows Marc knows he’s a teddy bear with a heart of gold,” said Scott Hines, former In Your Corner reporter. “I know no matter where I go in the world, no matter what happens, you will always have my back; I know you know I will always have your back.”

“He’s irreplaceable,” added Kevin Ogle. “I mean you don’t replace somebody like Dillie. You really don’t.”

Now Dillard isn’t retiring. He’s simply making a change and opting to teach a new generations of storytellers locally.

Don’t be shocked though if he reappears on KFOR during severe weather season. We’ll check back.

From all of us here at News 4, thank you Marc for being In…Our Corner.