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Update 4/23/15: General contractors won’t be regulated in our state anytime soon.

Wednesday, House Bill 1828 was overwhelmingly defeated in the state senate.

The measure would have created a contractor registry, much like the roofing registry already overseen by the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board.

While it had plenty of support from home builder trade groups, it met stiff opposition from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, including Republican Senator Joseph Silk of Broken Bow.

He told the In Your Corner team he voted no because, “It’s not the governments job to be issuing licenses and regulations on stuff that doesn’t have to do with public safety or public health.”

Supporters will get another shot, just not anytime soon. They’ll have to wait until next legislative session.

Ultimately though, it’s up to you to protect yourself and your money.

OKLA. CITY – Over the years we’ve tracked down our fair share of contracting criminals.

We even helped authorities put some of them behind bars.

Right now all trades involved in a construction project are regulated, but not general contractors.

Oklahoma State Home Builders Association and other trade groups are rallying support for House Bill 1828 that would require all builders and remodelers to register with the state.

Mike Means, the Executive Vice President of the Oklahoma State Home Builders Association, says the point isn’t more regulation of the building industry, but to weed out the rift raft, while giving the public a place to go to check out a general contractor.

“We feel like there’s a minimum of teeth. We’re not asking for testing,” Means said. “We’re not asking to give financials to the state. The fact you can prove you have insurance shows some credibility.”

The Oklahoma Construction Industries Board already oversees plumbers, electricians, heat and air contractors and roofers and this measure would throw general contractors into the mix.

The measure made it out of the house and senate committee, but has a long way to go.

Some of those opposing HB 1828 are against an expansion of government.

The measure next goes to the senate for a vote.

We’ll keep you posted.