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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – As business grinds to a halt across Oklahoma, local businesses are adopting new focuses.

Josh Puckett with Patriot Roofing is taking up a call to action.

“I’ve got people around here who aren’t crazy busy. People are holding their money really tight, not a ton of projects going,” Josh explained. “So while we are here, [we’re] trying to give back to the community that’s kept us in business.”

The company posted on Facebook Monday, asking that seniors in need reach out and have his guys deliver the essentials.

“Toilet paper, eggs, milks, things like that the essentials,” said Josh. “I have grandparents, great grandparents, so going out getting things for them that they don’t feel comfortable going out and getting, ’cause they don’t want to be exposed to the public.”

Patriot Roofing has given back before, responding after the deadly 2013 Moore tornado, offering those affected free patches and repairs.

But now, with an uncertain future, Patriot and other businesses are doing what they can, while they can.

“I think a lot of businesses we see out here today, we aren’t gonna see in a couple months,” said Josh. “Till they shut the doors on us, we’ll be here trying to help out.”

Call Patriot Roofing at (405) 996-6787.

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