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Update 1/17/17: The former owner of a RV consignment dealership is back behind bars.

Our In Your Corner team has been following Regina Clark’s case for some time now.

We know an arrest warrant was issued after Clark failed to show up to court.

Remember, she got into a standoff with police at her now defunct business, Sooner RV.

She was arrested and later charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from customers at her consignment dealership.

It appears Clark doesn't have legal representation right now.

A second attorney withdrew from her case for "failing to maintain appropriate level of communication with counsel."

Clark's still in jail.

Her bond is set at $80,000. 

We'll keep you posted on her next hearing.


Update 3/25/16: Gina Clark was in court again in McClain County - this time for her formal arraignment.

Clark pleaded not guilty to stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from families at her now defunct RV consignment dealership, 'Sooner RV' in Purcell.  

Customers said RVs were sold but lenders never got paid.

Besides seven counts of embezzlement, Clark also pleaded not guilty to assault and battery with a dangerous weapon during a standoff with police at her business.

Friday, Scott Hines spoke to McClain County Assistant District Attorney Brian Hall about the case.

He said Clark's attorney filed several motions, which a judge will hear next month.

We’ll keep you posted on things.

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PURCELL, Okla. -  The standoff unfolded live on our news.

Holed up inside Sooner RV was one of the business' owners, Gina Clark.

Her son made a frantic 911 call.

“Hurry, she's chasing everyone around with a 357 magnum," he said.

Mike Ballard's jaw dropped.

“My buddy's like 'There's a standoff. Some lady is trying to shoot people,'" he said.

Clark was supposed to sell his family's RV.

Mike builds power lines for a living but wasn't traveling as much.

Last year, he and his wife, Whitney, put the high dollar RV on consignment.

Sooner RV sold it for $46,000, but the Ballards said they never received the cash and neither did their lender.

“We're making a payment on a RV that someone else has,” Whitney said.

The Lock family is living in the Ballard's RV right now.

Dad, Shane, also builds power lines.

“We just had a baby, so we wanted a new RV so we could go on the road with him,” said wife Jenna.

You have two families paying on different loans for the same RV.

Just like the Ballards, Shane and Jenna said they only dealt with Clark.

The couple put $4,600 down and took out an additional $41,000 loan through their credit union.

That cash was supposed to go to the Ballards to pay off their loan.

“They wired it at the end of August to Sooner RV directly - all of it,” Jenna said. “That's the last it's been seen.”

McClain County Assistant District Attorney Brian Hall said Clark stole the cash.

Last week, his office charged her with seven counts of embezzlement.

“I believe this defendant violated the law in her actions, and I do believe we have the evidence to support those allegations,” he said.

Clark's been living with her sister in Blanchard.

We spent weeks looking for her.

Friday, we found her in court, where she pleaded not guilty to the embezzlement charges.

In Your Corner reporter, Scott Hines, asked her if there was any truth to the allegations she embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from customers.

She answered, saying “No comment.”

Customers and Clark's former business partners tell the In Your Corner team she handled all of the bookkeeping and wouldn't let anyone else see the finances or answer the phones.

She's also accused of convincing credit unions and banks to wire Sooner RV cash using a promissory title.

This one was signed and notarized by someone named Tammy.

“There's no one named Tammy that has worked there for over two years,” Whitney said.

Jenna Lock told us the same thing.

“Come to find out the assistant didn't exist,” Jenna said. “It was Gina the whole time.”

We know Clark and her husband, Brett, own 40 acres in Purcell, which includes an upscale 14-stall equestrian center.

They recently put the nearly half a million dollar property up for sale.

We know, the day before the standoff, Brett served Clark with divorce papers.

Their son told the 911 dispatcher Sooner RV was going through a major shake-up.

“We’re going through a big ordeal, a divorce and everything,” he said. “She [Clark] said we're going to have a company meeting. She walks in the office with a 357. I grab my wife, and we run out the door and then she starts to chase us.”

Clark's charged with shooting with intent to kill and embezzlement.

We uncovered more theft and forgery charges and convictions in Texas and Colorado.

Sooner RV is shut down for good.

Families are stuck.

“Right now, we're all sitting in a big limbo and paying on things that we shouldn't have to.” Jenna said.

Clark’s husband, Brett, is a co-owner of Sooner RV.

We're told he ran the repair shop.

Authorities said he is cooperating with their investigation, and right now isn't charged with a crime.

Prosecutors tell us additional charges could still be filed against Clark.

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