IN YOUR CORNER: Stuck with muddy mess, family fights for pool

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BLANCHARD, Okla. (KFOR) — A Blanchard family is fighting for a new pool. They’ve been stuck with a muddy hole in the back yard for weeks after spending tens of thousands of dollars.

The McDaniels had just moved to the countryside outside of Blanchard.

With two rowdy boys in tow, they hoped to keep them occupied and cool come summer time.

“They love to be outdoors playing,” said Lisa McDaniel. “The pool was supposed to be part of our boy’s Christmas present.”

A Facebook post would lead them to Casey Coyle. He claimed to work with “Big League Pools” and agreed to build a free-form pool and a shop behind the McDaniel’s home.

With $38,000-plus paid up front, the McDaniels say the problems started soon after.

“Nothing was happening, it was supposed to be a month from the date we paid him that everything would be done,” said Lisa. “We just kept on, kept texting him, kept texting him. He would not respond for a week, week and a half, two weeks.”

When the crews did arrive, Lisa says the work was no good.

She pointed out spots where the concrete was chipping away, though the shop wasn’t yet completed.

She also says a large amount of sod that lay where the new pool was dug was supposed to be saved. That sod is now thrown into the dirt heap.

The muddy hole continues to fill in with water time and time again, and Lisa’s backyard has been ruined for some time.

“They can’t even play in their backyard, this is just a mess,” she said. “Especially after the snow or rain.”

A Facebook post on her experience would follow, with more folks telling tales of contracting with Casey Coyle.

Jesse Boice, of Yukon, and Gerald Hargrove, of Mustang, say they had similar experiences with their concrete jobs.

“It’s not the color it’s supposed to be, not the two-tone it’s supposed to be,” said Gerald. “Ran his skid steer into the pool.”

“He wasn’t doing the job, and it wasn’t getting done,” said Jesse. “But he was getting very upset that we were pressuring him.”

So who is Casey Coyle? He’s had run ins with customers before, with a handful of small claims suits to his name.

As for Big League Pools, it didn’t exist in Oklahoma until October. Casey filed for the LLC the day after receiving $38,000 from the McDaniels.

We spoke with Casey on the phone to discuss the McDaniel’s missing pool.

Casey claims the McDaniel’s deadline was incorrect. He says the proper timeline was closer to two months.

As for the lack of communication, he says a case of COVID quarantine was to blame for a lot of the issues.

But Casey did admit to fault on some of the projects, and says he wants to make it right.

“There are a couple people that I have done crappy jobs on,” he explained. “Those people will be hearing from me.”

In Casey’s defense, he has tried to fix the situation with two people in this story.

He delivered a nearly $24,000 check to the McDaniels, the full amount of the job minus money for the shop. He also contacted Gerald Hargrove, and hopes to work toward a resolution.

As for Jesse Boice, the two remain at an impasse and may have to settle in court.

The In Your Corner Bottom line, as we always say, ALWAYS check for references. Be persistent, and actually speak with the contractor’s previous customers.

Never pay for a job completely up front.

EDIT: Previous version of this story inaccurately stated the pool hole had been dug “months” before. A more accurate depiction would be several weeks.

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