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OKLAHOMA CITY – Our In Your Corner team spent the day taking a closer look at storm damage and on the lookout for fly-by-night contractors.

Some of the worst damage taking place at Northwest 28th and Blackwelder near the campus of Oklahoma City University.

The straight line winds hurled the school’s soccer bleachers half a football field into the air and onto Jerry’s home.

“By the Grace of God it just got our front porch,” he said.

Repairs are now underway.

Jerry says his insurance adjuster connected him with a local contracting crew for immediate repairs, like tarping the roof.

The Oklahoma Insurance Department Anti-Fraud Unit was on foot and going door to door touring damage, assisting families, and on the lookout for fraudulent contractors. 

Report fraud here.

“A lot of times people who are storm watchers will chase those,” OID’s Chief Director of The Anti-Fraud Unit, Rick Wagnon, said. “We encourage people to make sure you find a local, established roofer.”

Remember roofers must be registered with state and are required to provide you with their roofer registry number.

There are more reports of damage on the northeast side.

It was a close call for the elderly gentleman who lives on the 700 block of NE 34th Terrace when a tree fell on his house, trapping him inside for about an hour.

Firefighters were able to safely rescue Victor Wright after he called 911.

“I crawled out like a little German Shepard or something,” Victor said.

He doesn’t own the home and is waiting on his landlord to take care of the tree. 

Hiring a tree service can come with its own set of risks.

English Tree Service owner Charlie English tells the “In Your Corner” team to go with someone local, insured, and if possible a Certified Arborist and avoid phony tree service professionals without credentials or experience.

“Improper tree work will cause damage to the tree [and] the tree won’t heal up,” he said. “They could do damage to the property. You could never get a hold of them again.”

  • Find a Certified Arborist.
  • It’s important to do your homework when hiring a contractor.
  • Make sure to get the terms of the contract in writing.
  • Get three recommendations and never pay for a job up front before the work is complete.