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TULSA, Okla. (KFOR) – A Colorado family’s fight against a moving company continues after their trek to Oklahoma turned into a mess.

While they say the company won’t accept responsibility, another business has come forward to pick up the slack.

It was a day months in the making for Kathryn Newton.

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Kathryn Newton

She and her son Shawn’s trek from Colorado to Muskogee had been anything but easy.

“It has been a trial,” said Kathryn. “But we’ve made it.”

Kathryn first told us her story in El Reno, where she and her son lived in a hotel.

At the time, they were fighting a red hot housing market and a moving company by the name of AMM Trucking.

They ultimately paid $25,000, and say many of their items were damaged or destroyed.

“They don’t care if they tear your stuff up,” said Kathryn. “They do what they damn well please.”

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Damage done to boxes of personal belongings while being moved by AMM Trucking.

Based out of New Jersey, AMM Trucking has built quite a reputation.

Complaints have stacked up on the BBB’s website, Facebook and with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

In a phone call, an AMM employee claimed the Newtons’ damaged items were due to overly heavy boxes, and that the higher price was due to a change in address.

“We do over 1,000 moves per month, that’s in a slow month,” said the representative. “You can’t please every single person in this world.”

But that price did not sit well with Jonny Mobley.

His company, Anytime Moving out of Tulsa, stepped up and reached out to In Your Corner.

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Anything Moving to the rescue.

“I just wanted to pick up the slack where they didn’t,” said Johnny.

“We were contacted by these wonderful people,” added Kathryn. “They offered to move us for free.”

In no time at all, the Newton’s items were unloaded, and the Muskogee house became a home.

For Kathryn, it’s a sense of relief and a taste of the Oklahoma way.

But the Newtons say they aren’t done with AMM just yet.

They’re looking into possibly a class action lawsuit, having heard from dozens of other upset customers from across the country.

They urge anyone interested to email