IN YOUR CORNER UPDATE: Family fights for family business in court

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – For weeks we’ve monitored a local family’s fight for their family business. Now, resolution could be on the horizon in Lincoln County.

We first introduced KFOR viewers to Mathew McRae last year. The local contractor was accused of botching a local veteran’s home project, and not paying his concrete bill.

At the time, he was already facing a lawsuit. His purchase of local contracting company, Bowen Dozier, had gone sour. Court documents allege payments to the Bowen’s were delinquent, sporadic, and insufficient.

The divide was so large, the Bowen’s were suing for their property back.

When we stopped by McRae’s house, he said he was unable to comment on the Bowen’s due to the litigation.

Good news, that court battle may be wrapping up. Bad news, it doesn’t appear to be going McRae’s way.

A Lincoln County judge has ruled in favor of the Bowen’s. According to court documents, McRae owe’s the Bowen’s more than $335-thousand, and must relinquish a long list of equipment back to the family.

Now both attorneys are working toward finalizing that ruling. We called McRae’s attorney to ask what happens next, but he told our team he couldn’t comment.

We also know complaints involving Mathew McRae have been filed with the attorney general’s office, and the AG is investigating.

We’ll check back.

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