OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A woman in Oklahoma City claimed each month for over a year she’s been paying for service on an iPhone she doesn’t have.

Linda Kinard said she’s done everything to resolve the issue with AT&T but hasn’t had any luck. So, she turned to KFOR for help. 

Kinard said back in October of 2021, she paid for a new phone. They sent her an iPhone 12, but that was not what she ordered. So, AT&T sent her the correct phone and she sent the iPhone 12 back. But recently, she noticed an extra charge on her monthly bill. 

“Very disgusted with AT&T. I’ve been a customer of theirs for over 40 years. And for them to treat a customer, that long term customer to treat me like that,” said Kinard.

Kinard’s bill showed there was a payment plan set up back on September 29, 2021, for a $629 iPhone 12 mini, but she said that wasn’t the phone she ordered.

“I never asked for the 12, so I called them again. I sent that one back and finally I got the replacement that I was supposed to have gotten all along,” said Kinard.  

Kinard’s AT&T account shows she pays for four devices: one apple watch, two iPhones and one iPad. On her monthly bills, it appears she’s paying for a fifth device, each month around $66 for service. 

“Just absolutely sickening to me. There are big companies like that that can spend the money that they spend, but yet, they can’t take care of a customer. I think it’s time those big companies get called out for what they do,” said Kinard. 

Kinard said for the last four months, she’s called, emailed and even visited local AT&T stores; but no luck.

“You call a different person every single time, and you start the whole story from square one. You have to start from the very beginning, go through the whole thing again and then get hung up on It will absolutely drive a person crazy when you go through that,” said Kinard. 

She said all she wanted was her money back. 

“I want them to write me a check for what they owe me. And then I will decide at that point whether I’m going to continue using your services or not,” said Kinard. 

KFOR reached out to AT&T Monday morning.

Kinard told KFOR someone from the company reached out to her after we reached out.

An AT&T spokesperson told KFOR quote, “We have adjusted the bill for the period of time the line was on the account, and we are issuing a check for the remaining monthly charges as a courtesy.” 

AT&T also said Kinard was never charged the $629. It was financed on her account and then was removed when AT&T got the phone back.