Light at the end of the tunnel for tenants facing eviction

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Friday was moving day for Debra and Wes Fink. The disabled couple had been facing eviction with nowhere to go, and couldn’t afford movers. Fortunately, Nate and Sim from Two Men and a Truck saved the day. “There’s no way me being in a wheelchair, my husband being handicapped, that we could have done any of this,” Debra confessed. Nate and Sim replied with, “We’re happy to do this.” And guess what? The family has somewhere to land now. A News 4 viewer called us about her vacant rental house and wants to give the family a sweet deal, 30 days rent-free with no deposit or pet fees. She added, “You could just tell God’s hand was in it and he used you guys.” Debra wasn’t always so optimistic. Weeks earlier, she railed on her former landlord, accusing him of pocketing their rent money after he had already defaulted on his mortgage. A second tenant, Sarah, lives in the garage apartment out back, and told the In Your Corner team the same thing.
“Two days to find out I’m going to lose my home,” she said in tears. “It’s awful.” With not a second to spare, we got the tenants pro bono legal help, and convinced the bank to call off the lockout. We’ve also just learned, the bank offered each of them $1,500 to move out by the end of the month. Sarah said no. The Finks said, ‘Where do we sign?’ “Considering we put $2,000 to get in here and all the other money we put in here, I said, ‘You know, that seems good.’” No one’s seen or heard from former landlord Dwight Sulc. He’s still got the Finks and Sarah’s rent money and deposits, and was under investigation for groping a 14-year-old at a local movie theater. He hasn’t been charged yet, but that could change. Debra is looking on the bright side. Her faith in humanity restored. She reminded In Your Corner reporter Scott Hines about their initial conversation, and said, “At first when you came over here and you come up to me afterwards and you said, ‘Hold my hand.’ You said, ‘Debbie I love you and I will make sure you’re taken care of.’ In my head, I was going like, ‘Yeah, sure. We’ll see.’ And you did, and that, I want you to know that’s a really big thing. God uses you in a lot of ways.”

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